Orange Keystone Light

Orange Keystone Light, originally uploaded by humanzoom.

Yes, it does exists. No, you can’t find it in stores anymore.



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36 responses to “Orange Keystone Light

  1. juststart

    yo, that’s hot. i have to send this to my friends.

  2. Jaeson

    Hey Human Zoom… way off topic but is [Kr] still in existence?

  3. corbin

    Thats bullshit i looked for the damn can for fucking 3 months and bought fucking 50 cases to find it…fuck

  4. You know…you could’ve have just sent off for a free orange can from Keystone during the promotion. 🙂

  5. larry

    what does the orange can mean?

  6. Mike

    Is there anyway that I could buy that can. It’s really important that I find one and no one sells them on ebay

  7. I’m curious as to why its so important.

  8. Matt

    It’s Important because in college keystone light is a very special friend…and a orange can is like a very very very special friend.

  9. Laura

    i have an unopened orange can too….whats the big deal with it? did i win something?

  10. Colleen

    Hey mike, I have a can that i’ll sell to you. How much are you willing to pay for it.

  11. Cara


  12. Cara


  13. Holy crap wow. People are still posting on a long dead blog of mine.

    Two things. New blog =

    Second thing…the orange can has been released again. I am searching for this second can to add to my collection. I will keep my loyal subjects posted.

  14. Chaz

    where did you find the info on its new release?

  15. the orange ONE

    I will pay $1,000.00 for the orange can. I need it you don’t understand!!

  16. @Chaz
    I saw it on the box in the store. I did not find another can and the boxes do not display the information anymore, so I’m assuming the contest is over.

    @the orange ONE
    No you won’t.

  17. i have one and willing to sell for $ 800 just got yesterday not open

  18. just found one. to bad it’s not worth anything.

  19. David

    I found one today at Food4Less…

  20. heather niccum

    My husband and his cousin found one 2011

  21. Michele DeLong

    I have an unopened orange can and will sell. contact me at

  22. I want sale my orange can 200$

  23. mike s.

    YAY!! I drink Keystone light all the time & finally found an orange can. Yup, I’m drinking it too.

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